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Mapleton City Corporation

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**Please read before continuing to application**
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Mapleton City Offices
125 West Community Center Way (400 North)
Mapleton, UT 84664
Welcome to Mapleton City Metes and Bounds/Plat Amendment Application Form
SeamlessDocs makes it easy for you to complete and eSign the document from any device. Fill out this form in order to submit a Preliminary Plat Application.
Please have all information and attachments readily available when completing this form.
If you require assistance, please contact the Community Development Department at (801) 489-6138.
You will be asked to upload electronic plans and documents that include the following:
Submittal Requirements
A distinct subdivision name followed by the plat # (A, B, C, etc.).
A dated plan showing accurately drawn boundaries, a north arrow, map scale and a vicinity map with at least a ¼ mile radius.
Registered professional engineer and/or surveyor’s certificate of survey.
Description of land to be included in the subdivision including the total acreage. The description must close.
Show ground distances for all courses. Grid distances should be placed in parenthesis next to ground distances.
Show Grid Factor used in computing grid distances.
Show State Plane Coordinates for overall parcel description (use coordinate table or list on each point).
The subdivision should be tied to at least two Utah County Monuments or Bay Stations.
Include topographic lines at 2’ contours or closer for slopes up to 10%. 5’ contours for slopes greater than 10%. Existing contours should be light-colored and proposed contours should be dark colored.
Identify lot numbers.
Show street names and callouts on map (both name and street coordinates if applicable).
Street and right-of-way dedications should be shown cross-hatched.
Proposed street cross sections.
Include a curve table.
Identify the basis of bearing. Cite NAD27 or NAD83.
Include public utility easement along all property lines (typically 10’) and identify all other easements on the property.
Show ownership for all adjacent parcels.
Preliminary utility plans including location of culinary water, pressurized irrigation and sanitary sewer lines.
Preliminary storm water drainage plans and calculations.
If wetlands exist on the property, an approved letter from the Army Corps of Engineers, and a wetlands report will be required.
U.D.O.T. approval for all development along HWY 89, & HWY 147 (Maple Street from 1600 W to Main, Main St from Maple St. south to 1600 S, and 1600 S from Main St. to 1600 W).
Final plat
Dedication block and signature lines for all property owners. Please include a line for the notary to print their full name, their commission number and the words “A notary public commissioned in Utah” in the signature block.
Acceptance block and signature lines with notary public acknowledgement for the following:
 Planning Commission Chair
 Community Development Director
 City Engineer
 Utility Companies (Rocky Mt. Power, Century Link, Questar, Comcast, Mapleton Irrigation Co.)
Addresses shown on lots
Final development agreement if applicable
Detailed grading plans
All street improvements including curb, gutter, sidewalks, underground conduit, power lines and mail box cluster easement and location (to be approved by U.S. Postal Service).
A Utah County Tax Clearance showing that takes are current for the subject property. Any applicable greenbelt rollback taxes must be paid prior to plat recording.
A preliminary title report or policy of title insurance.
Any boundary overlaps/gaps and/or boundary line agreements must be resolved prior recording.
Note: Per Mapleton City Code 18.84.390, all lot shall include a culinary water line, pressurized irrigation line, sanitary sewer line, curb, gutter and sidewalk. However, the applicant may apply to the Planning Commission to waive the curb, gutter and or sidewalk requirements. The Commission can only grant a waiver if it is determined to more effectively achieve the policies, goals, and objectives of Mapleton City.
Please check that you agree before continuing.
I acknowledge that I am authorized to complete this form, and am not acting on behalf of a third party.
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